The Calaveras Celtic Faire

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2007 Calaveras Celtic Faire Poster
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2007 Calaveras Celtic Faire Flyer
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Newspaper Ads
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2006 Calaveras Celtic Faire Poster
The 20th Annual Calaveras Celtic Faire (631kb PDF)

Press Releases

Current Press Releases
January 25, 2006
The 21st Annual Calaveras Celtic Faire (Jan 25, 2007)

Press Releases from Past Events
February 9, 2006
The 20th Annual Calaveras Celtic Faire
January 23, 2005
The 19th Annual Calaveras Celtic Faire
January 22, 2004
The 18th Annual Calaveras Celtic Faire, featuring Wolfstone
Febuary 18, 2003
The Great Whiskey Competition
January 21, 2003
The 17th annual Calaveras Celtic Faire

Faire Publicity Photos

Additional high-res photos are available on the photos page.
Photos by Dan Harrison
Foot Combat
Foot Combat, High Res
Knight in Armor
Knight in Armor, High Res
Jousting, High Res
Tempest on the Main Stage, High Res
Juggling, High Res

Band Publicity Photos

The following photos are publicity shots from the faire's 2007 music lineup.
GiveWay, High Res

More GiveWay press info here.
Muireann, High Res

Culann's Hounds
Culann's Hounds, High Res

More Culann's Hounds press info here.
Golden Bough
Golden Bough, High Res

Wicked Tinkers
Wicked Tinkers, High Res

Tempest, High Res

Black Brothers
Black Brothers, High Res

Black Irish Band
Black Irish Band, High Res

Mic Lucey
Michael Lucey Irish Band - Low Res
(no high res available)

Calannish Pipe Band
Callanish Pipe Band, High Res

Stag and Thistle Pipe Band
Stag and Thistle Pipe Band, High Res



Band Websites

Black Brothers:
Black Irish:
Callanish Pipe Band:
Culann's Hounds:
Fresno Stag & Thistle Pipe Band: No website available
Golden Bough:
Michael Lucey Irish Band: No website available
Wicked Tinkers:
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