The Calaveras Celtic Faire
Wicked Tinkers Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh Culann's Hounds Tempest The Black Irish Band


Ten bands on three stages. From Ireland, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh and The Black Brothers. From Scotland, GiveWay. Along with perennial favorites Tempest and Wicked Tinkers and Golden Bough's return to the faire. Check out the full music lineup.
Professional Showoff! Chris Yates Sierra Spiral Dancers Merrie Pryanksters

Stage Acts & Street Performers

That's Trey Cromwell, the Professional Showoff! eating fire on the left. There's plenty of food at the faire, but I guess eating eating haggis just isn't the crowd pleaser that a flaming torch is and when you're a showoff... well... Plus there's mystifying magicians, jumping jugglers, beautiful belly dancers, and more alluring alliterations than you can shake a stick at! Yep! How can you go wrong with all this? Check out the full lineup of stage acts and street performers.
Knights of Mayhem Jousting

Jousting ~ The Knights of Mayhem

Spectacular hard hitting action, stunts, falls, sword fights, and galloping horses. A warm up, introductions, fanfares, skill at arms competitions, and professional commentary and music throughout the show. Jousting
Fresno Stag and Thistle Pipe Band

Pipe Bands

What's a Celtic Faire without bagpipes? The Fresno Stag & Thistle Pipe Band joins us once again, with Calaveras Celtic Faire newcomer the Callanish Pipe Band under Pipe Major John Mitchell. Check out our bagpipe bands.
SAAA logo

SAAA Highland Games

SAAA sanctioned highland athletics. Highland Games
Reenactment Camp

Historical Re-Enactment

The outside grounds are taken over by over 1000 costumed reenactors. From Archers and sword-fighters to cooks, weavers, and spinners, there's a bit of everything. Check out the reenactment lineup

Modern Clans

Meet representatives from a number of modern clans. Check out the modern clans
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