The Calaveras Celtic Faire

A mast rises on the horizon Windows in Time
From jousting to a knighting to the firing of a civil war rifle to the pounding of a blacksmith's hammer. There is always something going on. The many guilds who visit our faire highlight Celtic culture throughout history. From the 1st century BCE through the late 1860s. As you pass through the faire, you will see barbarians with painted faces, the queen and her court, and civil war soldiers.

Pictured left, pipers play as The Privateers of the Dauntless climb the mast. Below, two fighters battle it out during the armored combat grand challenge. Farther down the page you'll see Chris Yates on stilts (More Acts), an knight on horseback, and tents at one of the faires many encampments.
Fighters battling it out

Guild Attendance for 2007

Clan Galbraith
Fifteenth/sixteenth Century Scottish Highland band of Mercenaries.

Clan Iain Abrach
Renaissance Guild specializing in 16th Century Highland Historical Re-enactment. We excel in portraying everyday life

Clann Fraser
Scottish traveling encampment of Fraser Earl of Lovat with a fair representation of crofter to Noble.
Chris Yates

Cruinneachadh Nan Gaidheal
A group of first-person interpreters who portray the culture and lifestyle of the Highlanders and Islanders of Scotland in the 16th century.

Crystal Clan
Conglomeration of merchants /gamers/and street entertainers of mixed nationalities

Danse Macabre
A motley mix of formerly living Musicians & Dansers, here to say Danse Now or Forever Rest in Peace...

Edwards Blacksmithing
on going demonstrations of blacksmithing

Lifestyle and culture of Celtic Warriors during Caesar's campaigns in Gaul. [Gaesatae]

Guilde of Sainte Marie
Court of James VI, circa 1603 at the announcement of Elizabeth's death and the proclamation that he is now King of England as well.

Highland Trading Co
Privateers of the Dauntless A dock of Dauntless, with barrels, crates, bails, sacks, etc, as cargo.
A knight in shining armor

Knights of Mayhem
Jousters [More Jousting]

Les Femmes D'Affaire
Courtesans, Courtiers, Nobles, Rogues and lusty wenches and assorted servants

Merrie Pryanksters

Myth & Magic
Gut busting comedy and jaw dropping illusions

Nomadic Star
Moroccan traders

Out Of Kontrol
4 person Improv Comedic juggling variety account

Rabble Rousers
English or Scots peasant

Royal St. Gyles Lancers
Scottish Nobles with army of lance and sword carrying soldiers

St Andrews Guild
Portraying the Royal Court of Mary Queen of Scots

St. Columcilles: Warriors of the Red Hand
16th century Ulster Irish under the command of Sir Cormac MacBaron O'Neill, full brother to the Earl of Tyrone. Our time period ranges from 1580-1603 and encompassing the period before and during the Tyrone Rebellion
Small camp on the hill

St. Gabriel's
A group of travelers ranging from Noble to peasant from, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

St. Kergans
Reenactment guild that portrays the emerging Scottish middle class during the renaissance.

St. Sebastians
Longbow Archery [St. Sebastians]

Merchants of the Phoenix
Traveling Merchants, selling goods from many trade routes. Many skills and things to be sold or bought.

The Free Artillery Company
Scotts and others Fighting on the continent or British Isles

The Guild of Santa Maria
An ambassadorial entourage from the Medici Court in Florence sent to call upon the Court of Mary Queen of Scots

The Guild of St. Martha
Welsh lower-middle class group with a merchant/knight as our patron

The Order of the Goldenrod
Guild of traders specializing in herbs of healing

The Rogue Fools
Roving jesters

The Trayn'd Bande of the Blackfriars
Renaissance martial arts re-enactment group

The Villayge Idyots
Scottish and English street entertainers bent on causing all kinds of entertaining "trouble" in the streets of faire

Thistle House Actor's Guild
Period craft demonstrations with audience participation, period cooking demonstrations, weapons demonstrations, maritime craft demonstrations

Tobias the Adequate
Historical / Hysterical comedy / magic act featuring Tobias and his trunk of wonders

Tuath Raugh Erin
Travelers from Rathlin selling treasures that wash up on the beaches of our little isle

Vikings of Kyrbyr
Viking age steading-or settlement group-from the Hebridies around the year 950( +- 50 years)

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